Identify Security Weaknesses

Penetration testing is important to identify security weaknesses before they’re exploited.

Steli Technologies Security’s expert penetration testers partner with you to simulate the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of real-world attackers. Then, we not only identify your security weaknesses, but remediate your critical vulnerabilities as well.

Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

As a top penetration testing service provider, Steli Technologies is dedicated to delivering comprehensive ethical hacking services customized to your environment. This is what makes our established and highly respected services unique:

Penetration Testing Process

Not all pen testing companies are created equal. The best penetration testing companies go beyond the capabilities of tools, scans, and apps. These companies apply critical thinking, creativity, and breadth of experience. They use this to identify flawed logic, misconfigurations, vulnerability chaining, and more to show the security impact to your business.

This is what Steli Technologies does.

Then, we employ a proven and defined methodology to assess your environment. We take the time to truly evaluate the data by using insight and considering context. Finally, we include a retest to ensure we achieved your intended result.

Passion for Penetration Testing

When you hire an individual resource, you get the strength of a team made up of passionate penetration testing experts. The pride we take in the quality of service we deliver supports our customer-first approach and leads to our high level of customer retention.

Related Internal Resources

Steli Technologies is a full-service information security and compliance consulting firm. We have expert internal resources in many different areas. These include HIPAA, PCI, managed security services, incident response, and remediation readily available for collaboration.

Penetration Testing Report

Steli Technologies feels our penetration testing report is as valuable as the exercise itself. We use a proprietary platform to consistently and comprehensively report identified vulnerabilities. We document our process and findings to produce a thorough and helpful roadmap for remediation.

Advantages of Penetration Testing Services

Knowing your vulnerabilities and the ways attackers could exploit them is one of most valuable insights you can get to improve your security program. Learn how vulnerable your critical assets are to cyberattacks and how to protect them with penetration testing services: